Polymer Modified Asphalt Information

- January 01, 2016 -

Tests show that polymer modified asphalt made with Elvaloy® RET can help fight the four main ways pavement often fails: rutting, stripping, cold cracking and fatigue cracking.

Resists Rutting

Repeated heavy loads can cause asphalt pavements to permanently deform over time, most noticeably forming unsafe ruts in a travel lane or intersection.

Avoid rutting

Fights Temperature Cracking

One of the principal reasons for considering a polymer-modified asphalt (PMA) is to enable the use of paving material that can resist cold cracking and yet still remain resistant to rutting.

Fights Fatigue Cracking

Because Elvaloy® RET adds to pavement resilience, modified asphalt can prolong the life of the road by resisting cracking under fatigue.

Fight thermal and fatigue pavement cracks

Reduces Binder Stripping

Aggregates are easy to coat using binder made with Elvaloy® RET and remain strongly bonded after moisture and freeze-thaw exposure.

Anti-Strip Function of DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET

Storage Stable, Shippable

The locked-in performance properties of binders made Elvaloy® RET result from the polymer's fluid-state reaction with asphalt. Source, store and ship polymer-modified asphalt strategically to meet local project requirements.

How Elvaloy® RET is made

The Easy-Working PMA Mix

Contractors report smooth spreading, easy hand-working and faster, problem-free compaction of asphalt mixes made with RET-modified binder.

Hot-Mix Asphalt