Polyethylene Resin Modifiers

- January 11, 2018 -

Dow™ Fusabond® polyethylene modifiers are functionalized polymers for coupling and adhesion between polyethylene and fillers, improving physical properties such as impact resistance or moisture absorption.

Dow™ Entira™ AS anti-stat resins ensure long-lasting anti-static dissipation for demanding packaging needs. From cosmetics to industrial goods to sensitive electronic components, Entira™ provides permanent anti-static performance with superb aesthetics, clarity, non-yellowing, dust free protection.

Many Uses for Dow Polyethylene Resin Modifiers

Dow’s polyethylene resin modifiers include grades customized for specific functionality in polyethylene-based compounds. Examples include:

  • Fusabond® M603 as a coupling agent for PE/cellulosic fillers and PE recycle streams with contaminates; and as a processing aid to reduce die build up.
  • Fusabond® E226 coupling agent for LLDPE/cellulosic fillers.
  • Fusabond® N525 coupling agent for LLDPE/cellulosic, mineral fillers; often used in high-flow flame retardant applications.
  • Fusabond® E100 coupling agent for HDPE/cellulosic fillers.
  • Entira® Antistat SD100 polymeric non-blooming permanent anti-stat for LDPE coextrusion.
  • Entira® Antistat MK400 polymeric non-blooming permanent anti-stat for PE needing compliance with U.S. FDA regulations.