Politech Angel Perfume Cap

- January 11, 2018 -

Poland Molder, Politech Sp. z.o.o., Delivers Aesthetics and Durability in Its Perfume Cap

Ultra-Clear Dow Surlyn® PC2000 Resin Helps Integrate Package Shape and Glass-Like Appearance

Introduced at Cosmoprof Bologna in 2009, the latest packages for 30-ml and 50-ml ANGEL line perfumes combine manufacturing efficiency and premium aesthetics. The packaging line-up includes colored as well as clear alternatives, requiring close attention to parts design and dimensional consistency in several different materials. For an all-clear bottle and perfume cap combination, the look is that of a luxurious all-glass design, but with the durability of a molded plastic cap. Curved lines of the glass bottle, meant to evoke bent palm trees, are carried into the molded cap design for a fully integrated and ergonomic shape that’s unique to the category.

Dow Surlyn® PC2000 resin is used by Politech for the clear molded perfume cap. This is one of several Dow resins specially tailored for the aesthetics-sensitive perfume and cosmetics market. Surlyn® resins deliver premium levels of clarity and consistency in molded part manufacturing such as clear jars and caps. Compared with other clear molding resins, the Surlyn® resins are also highly resistant to oils and other ingredients in cosmetics formulations, helping protect the look and feel of the packaging.