Play and Create and Learn STEM Initiative in Colombia

Midland, MICH. - January 30, 2017 -

Through support of Dow volunteers, about 50 ninth and tenth grade students from Jose Maria Córdoba, Educational Institution located at Pasacaballos, Cartagena, Colombia, recently launched the Entrepreneurs’ Innovation Network. The network was created thanks to an initiative called “Play and Create, Create and Learn \", inspired by the science, technology, engineering and math teaching (STEM) methodology that promotes the development of creativity and innovation for science and technology. The initiative gathered students and teachers around the goal of identifying community issues and creating proposals that could improve development in the local community.

The students were organized into ten groups, showcasing their projects in the launch of the Entrepreneurs' Innovation Network to the invited jury composed of Dow people, teachers and partners. The winning group will be able to visit institutions and other companies in Cartagena to share ideas and learn more from other innovators.

The project was supported by Dow volunteers, with participation of 50 students, 10 teachers and led by the Mamonal Foundation, which collaborates with Dow in the region to promote community success.