Plastic Processing

- January 01, 2016 -

DuPont global plastic processing and converting capabilities help packaging engineers, converters, and brand owners determine the right material to optimize their packaging structures.

Plastic Processing and Compounding into a Resin

Dow polymer development focuses on specific application needs, defined in close collaboration with processor/converter customers and brand owners. We help you design or optimize package performance through innovation in basic polymerization and compounding.

For example, our pilot polymerization unit helps achieve new chemistries and fundamental, molecular-level innovations without the delays associated with the utilization of commercial-scale production infrastructure.

In compounding for application needs, we combine different polymers with each other, and with other ingredients, to design high-performance formulations tailored to your processing and product performance requirements. And to speed the development process, we use our in-house pilot-scale compounding equipment to produce tailored resin samples for evaluation.

Converting into a Packaging Material

In addition to our coextrusion blown film and coextrusion coating equipment highlighted below, we also have plastic processing coextrusion equipment for cast film (one to five layers), sheet (one to five layers), and extrusion blow molding (one to five layers).

Blown Film Coextrusion Line Equipment

Our newest line, a semi-pilot scale machine replicates the capabilities of the most advanced, commercial-scale lines used by converters. Up to nine extruders can feed the die of this new blown film coextrusion line. It allows Dow specialists to optimize process conditions and the structure of packaging films containing up to nine polymers, or blends thereof.

Key features include:

  • A 9-inch, nine-layer die
  • Position-interchangeable extruders (7 X 1.75'' & 2 X 2'')
  • Internal Bubble Cooling system •\tDual turret winder with gap control
  • Film speed up to 195 fpm (60 meters/min)
  • Film thickness ranging from 1 mil (25 micron) to 10 mil (250 micron)
  • Screws to run nylon, EVOH, polyolefins and ethylene copolymers

Extrusion Coating and Laminating Equipment

This coater is used to develop packaging prototypes for in-house and external testing, and to improve existing packages by resolving quality issues.

Key features include:

  • Extrusion/coextrusion of one to five layers from three extruders (1 X 4.5\" & 2 X 2.5'')
  • Handles lightweight film to heavy paperboard •\tLine speeds up to 2300 fpm (700 meters/min)
  • Flame treatment of substrate
  • Corona (of air) treatment of substrate
  • Plasma (up to three different gasses) treatment of substrate
  • Edge bead reduction die
  • Substrate widths from 18'' to 36''

Converting into a Package Structure

We also provide the expertise and equipment needed for you to make and evaluate both flexible and rigid package structures.

Our in-house packaging machinery converts your rollstock into a shaped structure, such as a pouch, tray or bottle. You can do pilot-scale evaluations of films, or adhesive lamination of different films, then convert them into thermoformed, vertical/horizontal form-fill-seal, or stand-up pouches.

No matter what your application need is, Dow plastic processing expertise and equipment can help you develop and optimize a high-performance packaging structure.