Perfume Packaging Yves Saint Laurent

- January 11, 2018 -

Dow Surlyn® - The Embodiment of Freedom

The concept of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté's new masculine fragrance, L’Homme Libre, centres around the power of freedom. According to the brand, it “aims to appeal to men who want to express their passion and energy; and follow the rhythm of their own life.\"

Fittingly, freedom is also a core proposition of Dow Surlyn® - the packaging resin from Dow used to mould the signature hexagonal fragrance cap that invokes the design of original L’Homme and La Nuit de l’Homme fragrance packaging. The solid, thick-walled part - with wall thicknesses of up to 23 millimetres- is produced in perfect transparency by the French moulder Auriplast S.A, a company offering great expertise and experience of working with the DuPont material. This know-how ensures production of the cap in absolute clarity and to the high quality standards required by the brand owner. This includes the dimensional stability of the part, which is key to the consumer's experience of a reassuring and consistent pull-force when opening or closing the cap.

Auriplast's two-step injection molding process further ensures a perfectly flat and smooth surface for the cap with sharp, well-defined edges. Its glossy surface is adorned with a frosted YSL logo at its centre, achieved from the tool and without the need for any additional post-production stages. As with other perfume caps produced in Surlyn®, the material's resistance to direct contact with the chemical ingredients of the fragrance is a further key attribute leading to its specification.