Pension Benefits

Is that really you, Dow?

We want to let our DowFriends know that we are currently trying to reach individuals who are not yet receiving their pension benefit but should be.

In late August, the Dow Retiree Service Center will be mailing postcards regarding pension benefits which may have been accrued during past employment service with Dow or one of its current or former affiliates (or during the past employment service of a deceased or former spouse). Due to various mergers and acquisitions over the years, retirement benefits may have been accrued through a number of employers. Examples include Union Carbide, Rohm and Haas Company, Morton International, Inc. and many others. A former employer may have become affiliated with Dow after employment ended.

If one of your friends or neighbors receives a postcard from Dow, please encourage them to take action by calling the Dow Retiree Service Center at (800) 344-0661 to speak to a Dow Representative and start the process of confirming their benefit.