Pension and Benefits Update Following the Dowdupont Merger

Midland, Michigan - As part of our efforts to ensure a smooth transition, Dow employees and retirees will continue to follow their heritage HR policies and programs. If Dow decides to make any changes in policies and programs in the future, such changes will be communicated prior to their effective date.

Questions & Answers

  1. What will happen to the U.S. qualified pension plans as a result of the DowDuPont™ transaction?
    • The IRS and Department of Labor rules strictly protect a participant’s rights to his or her vested accrued benefit.
    • The amount of a participant’s vested accrued benefit in a qualified plan is strictly protected by federal law and cannot be reduced as a result of the transaction.
    • Qualified pension assets are held in trusts that are separate legal entities from both Dow and DuPont and will not be affected by the transaction. Qualified U.S. pension benefits are protected under federal law, and the plans must meet their obligation to existing pensioners and other participants through the assets held in a secure trust. The protection under federal law generally prohibits plans from using pension funds for any purpose other than paying benefits and qualified plan expenses.

  2. How will pensions outside the U.S. be impacted by the transaction?
    • Current Dow and DuPont retirees will remain in their current pension plans after merger close. Future changes, if any, will be communicated prior to their effective date and will only affect prospective benefits, not those already earned.
    • Dow and DuPont will continue to meet respective obligations to existing pensioners and other plan participants, as meeting such obligations is a top priority.

  3. Is Dow current on funding its pension plans?
    • Dow’s pension plans continue to meet all local funding requirements in all countries. The pension plans comply with these requirements, and the company is committed to meeting its legal funding requirements for its plans.
    • More details on the U.S. qualified pension plans have been communicated through the annual funding notices, which include the plans’ funding percentage, the value of the plans’ assets and liabilities and a description of how the plans’ assets are invested as of specific dates. For specific questions about your pension, please call the Retiree Service Center at 1-800-344-0661.

  4. What will happen to my 2017 benefits already in place?

  5. Will there be any changes to the communications we currently receive from the Company?

  6. What about retiree picnics and/or reunions? Will those continue?