Paving Highest Road In World

- November 05, 2018 -

With its surreal \"desert-in-the-sky\" panoramas, Ladakh in Kashmir is often referred to as \"Moonland.\" It is home of the world's highest-elevation motorable road, following an ancient silk and wool trade route, through Khardungla Pass. Summer temperatures often reach 27°C (80ºF), and winters drop to -40ºF/C or lower, causing excessive expansion and contraction in the 20-mm-thick pavement. Paving materials containing DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET were used for a test section of this roadway.

Osnar Chemical Pvt. Ltd., of Mumbai, India, chose the Elvaloy® RET-modified bitumen for its resistance to thermal cracking and easy workability using hand-tools in the exhaustingly thin air at this high altitude. \"If weather interrupts a work crew, the stored mixture can be reheated and used later without worry about the Elvaloy® RET separating from the binder, as the mix is totally homogenous,\" says Samir Degan, the company's director.