Packaging Prototypes

- January 01, 2016 -

Converters and brand owners can save time and money by creating and testing packaging prototypes at the DuPont Packaging Lab in Wilmington, Delaware.

Working in our unique facility with dedicated Dow technical staff, you can:

  • Save time and money by avoiding production interruptions for testing.
  • Perform short or medium sample runs.
  • Test your product’s shelf life in different types of packaging, and in a variety of environments, with different temperature and humidity levels.
  • Evaluate prototypes of new packaging structures in a safe and secure environment.
  • Narrow the field of materials under consideration for your application.
  • Engage Dow staff to train your workers, at our facility or yours.

The Packaging Lab is set up to duplicate line conditions, so you can test packaging prototypes, as well as troubleshoot existing packaging problems – all without tying up your equipment.

End-Use Packaging Equipment

Our lab has full-scale packaging equipment for testing packaging prototypes in real-life packaging line situations. For example, test different cereals in the same package to see how they hold up over time; test for extreme cold, heat, and humidity; or test the same package, using different film structures.

Klockner I.M. Packager for Stand-Up, Zippered Pouches

This intermittent-motion, stand-up pouch packager is used to package a wide range of dry and liquid products. Pouches can be produced with a gusset bottom, and a zipper feature can be added.

Multivac R5200 Packager for Pouches with Gas Flush

Used most frequently for packaging meat, fish, cheese, and medical products, this vacuum thermoforming machine uses different structures for the forming (bottom) and capping (top) webs, to create a unitized package. The formable web can be flexible or semi-rigid (up to 35 mils). It can run straight vacuum thermoforming (negative thermoforming) or plug-assisted thermoforming (positive forming), frequently used for heavier structures.

The web width required is 320mm (12.6\"). It can produce package sizes of 281mm (11.06\") x 240mm (9.45\") or 139mm (5.45\") x 240mm (9.45\"). The depth of draw can be a maximum of 130mm (5.12\").

The machine includes gas flushing to extend the shelf life of packaged products and a Steam Shrink system to eliminate package wrinkles when flexible structures are formed.

Hayssen Ultima Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Packager for Bags and Pouches

Typically used for packaging dry, loose products, such as snacks, cereal, rice, and candy, the Hayssen Ultima can produce bags as short as 127mm (5\") or as long as 635mm (25\") at speeds up to 100 bags per minute. Bags can feature either a fin-type seal or an overlap back seal, and the end seals can be made from a variety of crimp seal jaws that include both horizontal and vertical patterns.

This machine has three different formers for producing bags. Gas flushing is available, as well as an attachment for producing flat-bottom bags.

Mini Intact RM-331 (MKIII) for Vacuum Skin Packaging Food

The Mini Intact is a small, mobile vacuum-skin packager typically used for packaging meats, fish, and frozen produce. It vacuum-skins specialty films to conventional trays and produces an attractive package that conforms to the product’s shape. It has a package size capability up to 335mm x 340mm x 51mm deep.

Doboy Super Mustang Package Filling, Sealing & Overwrapping

The most advanced horizontal-form/fill/seal wrapper available, this machine can package candy bars, snack cakes, snack crackers, cookies, individual popcorn bags, razor blades, taco shells, and some medical products.

Capable of running at speeds up to 400 wraps per minute, it can make packages from 102mm (4\") to 406mm (16\") long, up to a height of 70mm (2.75\"). The back seals are fin type, made with fin wheels. The end seals are crimp type, and two different crimp seal patterns are available. It also features a former/magazine feeder and an electric eye, in case printed film needs to be evaluated.

Orics VGF-100 for Tray and Cup Lidding

Designed for small-volume packaging, the Orics VGF-100 can seal up to ten trays per minute, performing a vacuum gas flush and seal, or a straight heat seal, to a tray or cup. The machine has a manual tray or cup loader, which slides into the heat seal, and includes vacuum, gas flush, and die-cut components.

Advanced Greig AGL 4400 Thermal Laminator

This finely engineered laminating machine includes a variable and reversible DC drive with a manual, pneumatic adjustable brake and clutch system. The laminating section is easily adjustable with pneumatic controls, including an easily adjustable nip spacer system. This laminator has heated rolls that laminate thermal adhesive films and pressure-sensitive films.

Solid Phase Pressure Forming Labform

This one-up unit is used for research and patent development work, particularly at extreme depths of draw. It is equipped with a heated plug assist capability and microprocessor control, so every forming parameter can clearly be defined and measured for purposes of translation to production tools.

For an objective analysis of your packaging situation, and to test packaging prototypes, use the Dow Packaging Lab.