Opaque Perfume Caps Ferre Profumi

- January 11, 2018 -

“In the Mood for Love”, an eye-catching new fragrance from Gianfranco Ferré Profumi, demonstrates the aesthetic appeal of Dow Surlyn® when used for the cost-effective production of opaque perfume caps. The thick-walled, injection-molded parts are produced in a single shot to match the gloss white appearance of the lacquered glass bottle, without the need for additional post-moulding operations. Further benefits of Surlyn® when used for this highly visual application are the material’s high resistance to the ingredients present in the fragrance and its very good scratch and abrasion resistance for a durably attractive appearance.

The new fragrance from Gianfranco Ferré Profumi has as a floral ambery woody scent and is available in three sizes (30ml/1 oz, 50 ml/1.7 oz and 100 ml/3.4 oz). The stunning design for its bottle and cap, created by the famous art director Fabien Baron, is described as “clean, architectural and fluid” and has been created to be reminiscent of the female form. Their color – white – is the emblem of the Gianfranco Ferré style and said to evoke a spirit of purity of love.

It was when seeking to replicate the glossy white appearance of the lacquered glass bottle, that ITF Cosmetics S.p.A., the Italian company responsible for handling the creation, development and worldwide distribution of Gianfranco Ferré Profumi fragrance lines, approached the French perfume packaging specialists Qualipac S.A. for assistance in recreating the cap’s design using polymers. “It was clear from our discussion with the customer, that in light of the thickness of the cap and the requirement to cost-effectively match the appearance of the bottle, that Surlyn® would be the material of choice for this application,” recounts Christophe Benigni, development manager at LMA Packaging (part of the Qualipac group). “By adding a colorant to the Surlyn® ahead of molding, we were able to produce a part with the same gloss white appearance of lacquered glass straight from the tool. This is in direct contrast to alternative polymers such as polypropylene, which require the application of a lacquer to achieve a comparable surface finish and appearance.”

The chemical resistance of Surlyn® to the ingredients contained within many of today’s fragrance was a further benefit of the material in terms of its long-term appearance. In contrast, polymers such as copolyesters are more susceptible to chemical surface attack which, in turn, can lead to visual defects on the surface of the moulded part. Finally, the simple and reliable process of molding Surlyn®, in which LMA Packaging is an established specialist, provides users of the material with extra peace of mind.

“The size and shape of the caps, which are produced in three sizes, presented a further technical challenge,” continues Benigni. “The largest cap, for instance, measures 116.7mm in length, 40.4 mm in width and 45.3 mm in height and has a maximum wall thickness of around 38 mm. Moreover the cap is designed so as not to come into direct contact with the glass bottle, thereby creating a ‘floating’ effect. To produce such a massive injection moulded part requires the injection gate to be positioned and sized as unobtrusively as possible, and for the entire injection moulding process, including the cooling stage, to be highly accurate in its repeatability. Based on our experience gained from similar projects in the past, we were confident that Surlyn® could meet these constraints.”

Such confidence was well-placed, as Giorgia Martone, marketing director at ITF Cosmetics, confirms: “The caps made of Surlyn® are a perfect match for the bottle, creating a deep and pure white appearance in line with the overall identity of our new fragrance. We are very satisfied with the outcome.”

ITF (Italian Fragrances) Cosmetics S.p.A. is a subsidiary of the ICR Industrie Cosmetiche Riunite S.p.A. The aim of the company, founded in 2002, is to manage licensing agreements with major fashion brands, establishing a strong presence in the development, marketing and distribution of fragrance and beauty lines on the selective world market. ITF handles the creation, development and worldwide distribution of the fragrance and beauty lines of Gianfranco Ferré Profumi, a long partnership that has been maintained since 2003.

The Qualipac Group plays a major role in the packaging industry for make-up, skincare, and perfume primary packaging products. Within the group’s six global industrial sites and one trading facility, Qualipac has the collective expertise involving all areas of plastic and metal manufacturing for worldwide brands of the beauty industry.