olympic athletes

- January 01, 2016 -

Are you related to an athlete (such as a soccer player, swimmer, runner, or cyclist), coach, or volunteer from past or upcoming Olympic or Paralympic Games? Have you competed in or are you in training for Olympic or Paralympic Games? If so, you’re a member of a Diamond Ring Family, and we want to hear from you!

In promotion of Dow’s worldwide partnership with the Olympic Games through 2020, Dow Olympic & Sports Solutions is interested in sharing the stories of our Diamond Ring Families with the Dow community worldwide.

To be a Diamond Ring Family, you must have a connection to both Dow (as a retiree) and the Olympic or Paralympic Games. The connection can be a close relative who participated in past Olympic Games. Or, it can be a relative training, coaching, or volunteering for the upcoming Rio 2016 or PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games.

By sharing Diamond Ring Family stories with the Dow community, we hope to infuse the Olympic spirit throughout Dow as well as join together to cheer for those Olympic athletes with a Dow connection!

If you have a personal connection to the Olympic or Paralympic Games and would like to share your story, please send an email to corporate.communications@dow.com. In the subject line of the email, please write: Diamond Ring Family Entry. Your email should include:

  • Your Contact Information (Name, Mailing Address, Email Address, Telephone Number)
  • Name of the Athlete/Participant
  • Your Relationship to the Athlete/Participant (e.g., parent, cousin)
  • Athlete’s Sport/Participant’s Role (swimmer, volleyball coach, volunteer, etc.)
  • Olympic Game (e.g., Rio 2016 or Pyeongchang 2018)

Once your email is received, someone from Dow Olympic & Sports Solutions will contact you. At that time, you will be provided with the Diamond Ring Family Guidelines. You must review the guidelines prior to participation in any communications.

For more information about Dow’s involvement with the Olympic Games, visit the Dow Worldwide Olympic Partner website at http://www.dow.com/olympicpartnership