Oklahoma Pma Projects

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Modified asphalt based on Elvaloy® RET was used on two major Oklahoma PMA projects, one on Highway 11 just east of Ponca City (repaving 8 miles of roadway with 8,500 tons of asphalt), and on Highway 20, between Fairfax and Hominy (repaving 20 miles with 28,000 tons of asphalt).

\"The Elvaloy® mixes were a lot more forgiving and workable than other PMAs we've used, and they didn't create any blue smoke during mixing,\" says Jim Bell, of Bellco Construction, Nowata, Okla., the contractor for both jobs.

\"Some modified asphalts are so sticky that you can hardly shovel them or get them through the machinery, particularly if they've cooled down. The manufacturers say we should apply them at 325°F (163°C), plus or minus 20°F (10°C), which is what we do, but some of these materials get very lumpy and sticky at the low end of the temperature range. We've found that the Elvaloy® mixes aremuch more workable at the low end of the range, and they permit much faster cleanups.\"

Temperature considerations affect transportation of a PMA, too. Bell explains, \"I'd be reluctant to truck some of these mixes more than 40 miles to a job site. They could cool down too much and we'd have a tough time getting them off the truck and an even tougher time getting them through the machinery. Elvaloy® mixes eliminate most of that worry for us.\"