Modified Binder Information

- January 01, 2016 -

For asphalt terminals wanting a fast, easy way to supply modified binder, Dow™ Elvaloy® RET reactive elastomeric terpolymer can be a smart, profitable choice. It's simple to use, works with a variety of asphalt source materials, stores and ships easily, and requires less energy and less expensive production equipment compared with other common polymer modifiers, such as SBS.

Elvaloy® RET locks in performance of the hot mix binder by chemically improving the binder molecule. The modified asphalt becomes chemically elastomerized, not just changed by mixing an elastomer into it.

Asphalt paving binders modified with Elvaloy® RET are helping build smoother, longer-lasting roads, runways, bridge decks, parking lots, racetracks and more.

How to Process Reactive Elastomeric Terpolymer

Compared with other asphalt modifiers, Elvaloy® RET is typically used in smaller amounts, with gentler mixing and reduced worry about separation.

Pre-Testing the RET Reaction

Easy-handling pellets of Elvaloy® RET can be pre-tested in a lab to predict the mixing time and modified binder properties achieved with a given base material.

Modified Binder Chemistry

With Elvaloy® RET, improvements in modified binder performance don't settle out, or evaporate, or fade, or wear off with age. The terpolymer chemically unites with asphalt, creating a permanent change at the molecular level.