Membrane Roofing San Francisco Bay

- January 09, 2019 -

The scenic San Francisco Bay is dominated by the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge. But roofs adjacent to this world famous scenery are all subjected to salt air, highly variable moisture conditions, and virtually constant wind.

Because of the nature of the neighborhood and to avoid disruptive odor, building owners specifically wanted to avoid exposure to asphalt fumes during reroofing. They decided to install a Flex FB adhered membrane roofing system, based on DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE ketone ethylene ester, applied with Flex waterbased substrate adhesive. Involved parties had successfully used Flex thermoplastic single ply membranes in other similar applications, where fast and unobtrusive installation is a benefit.

Mike Cox, of the Techmarx Group, Moraga, California, inspected the roof with John Doyle, Flex's National Sales Manager, and prepared a specification. The project was a re-roof replacement of an existing BUR. The specification was reviewed and approved by the building owner's architect.

Once the project was approved, the BUR was removed down to the lightweight concrete deck. A fiberglass base sheet was then attached to the lightweight deck with the use of Flex's CR-Base Sheet Fastener and Base Sheet Plate, manufactured by Olympic Fasteners.

The base sheet was attached in accordance to Factory Mutual 1-90 Wind Uplift Nailing Pattern. Flex FB Adhered Roofing Membrane made with Elvaloy® KEE was then adhered to the base sheet with water-based Flex Rubber Emulsion Substrate Adhesive, allowing easy and quick installation without asphalt fumes.

Roofing Contractor Tom Halpin reports, \"Flex roofing membranes go on easily, and the crew picks up the technique very quickly. With the product readily available, and solid technical support provided by Flex, I would not hesitate to recommend Flex single ply, because we encountered no problems and received good results. From the building owners to the installation crews, everyone was highly satisfied with the end product.\"

Flex single-ply membrane roofing stay flexible and workable indefinitely. The simple hot-air seaming technique requires no adhesives, primers, or solvents. Because hot-air welding creates a seamless molecular bond between Flex single ply layers, repairs can be made easily throughout the life of the roofing system.

A Unique Reroofing Solution
A key to Flex's membrane roofing performance is the incorporation of Elvaloy® KEE ketone ethylene ester, which keeps the membrane in a workable thermoplastic state for an indefinite period of time. Elvaloy® KEE, unlike liquid plasticizers, does not migrate out of the membrane, keeping it flexible, workable and tough from the day the roof is installed.

The unique ingredient is highly resistant to UV exposure and temperature extremes. Additionally, Flex single ply roofing membranes are extraordinarily resistant to a wide range of chemicals, oils, and greases which can attack the integrity of some other roof types.

The Flex FB membrane system offers major advantages for many applications, including reroofing flat BUR systems. In many cases, a degraded flat BUR roof can be covered with Flex FB without tear-off, saving labor cost and debris disposal costs.

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