Lighting Up Learning with Environmental Education Program in Korea

- August 11, 2016 -

Dow Korea and Korea Green Foundation hosted an in-school environmental education program for elementary school students. The Light Up Our Eco-School program is designed to educate students about energy independence and bolster support for environmental education organizations for children. Professional lecturers visit the schools along with Dow Korea employees, who serve as assistant lecturers. The speakers use a creative climate change education kit entitled ‘Mission! Light Up Our Eco-Town,' which was co-developed by Dow Korea and Korea Green Foundation's Environmental Center for Children.

The 80-minute program consists of two segments. First, students watch a video and play a board game to explore the causes and impacts of climate change. Second, students participate in a hands-on experiment, building an eco-friendly village and providing it with green energy. Using the interactive education kit breaks the mold of traditional classes to increase students' engagement and attention while learning.

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\nJason Hyung-Joon Kwon