Light Shaping Technology

- January 09, 2019 -

Maison Surlyn® from DuPont presents a new Surlyn® prototype integrating state-of-the-art light redirection technology developed by RAYFORM™.

Thanks to high transparency and purity as well as perfect light transmission of DuPont™ Surlyn®, this technology could be brought to life.

This plate, injected molded with Surlyn® creates an amazing holographic effect without any printing.

Maison Surlyn® from DuPont worked with RAYFORM™, a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), to create a new type of perfume packaging.


  • The integration of RAYFORM™ light shaping technology into the high-precision molding of Surlyn® products delivers a never-before-seen visual and emotional experience in the high-end perfume market.
  • Light shining on a perfume cap or bottle can be redirected using the RAYFORM™ technology to create any target light image, such as a brand logo or photograph. The invisible image molded into the shape of the closure or packaging comes to life in every detail outside the closure or bottle on a nearby surface, thus greatly enhancing the attractiveness and visibility of the product.
  • Thanks to the very high precision required for this technology to work, new applications for anti-counterfeiting also become possible.
  • Illuminating the packaging produces a high quality light image, for example the brand’s logo, assuring the customer of the product’s authenticity.

RAYFORM™ technology is based on advanced research in freeform optics and high-precision digital fabrication.

This patented technology modifies the shape of a transparent or reflective surface, i.e. one side of a perfume cap, so that incoming light is re-directed to form an amazingly clear image.

The light can come from any directed light source, a spotlight, a flashlight, or even the sun. The key to RAYFORM™ technology is a sophisticated computer algorithm that calculates the required 3D surface from the selected image and a few parameters such as the position of the light and the focal distance to the light image.

DuPont and RAYFORM™ were brought together by Inno-Fuel™.

DuPont Cosmetic Solutions

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RAYFORM™ is an EPFL spin-off founded by Romain Testuz, Dr. Yuliy Schwartzburg and Professor Mark Pauly. Based on several years of award-winning scientific research, RAYFORM™ brings advanced light redirection technology to the luxury goods industry, offering an entirely new visual and emotional product experience.

Inno-Fuel™ is a small and growing network of experts/entrepreneurs interested in open innovation and technology with a hybrid business model capable of serving the needs of all the stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem.