Laneige Lip Gloss Tube

- January 11, 2018 -

The glass-like transparency of Dow Surlyn®, combined with the material's soft squeezability, toughness and chemical resistance, made it the clear choice for Laneige Shining Lip Gloss tube by AmorePacific of Seoul, Korea.

The packaging design - an elongated oval shape comprised of a transparent lip gloss tube made of Surlyn® with a silvery metallic cap - reflects the modernity of the Laneige brand, which was launched in 1994 by AmorePacific to meet the skincare and cosmetic needs of young women.

\"We selected Surlyn® 8920 resin for the extruded tube following physical and chemical tests that demonstrated its superiority over PE (polyethylene) in terms of transparency, squeezability and reduced level of manufacturing defects,\" says Hak-Chan Kim, Senior Manager Engineering Design at AmorePacific. \"It enables us to perfectly express the colors and pearlized effect of Laneige Shining Lip Gloss. Tubes made of PE are translucent and therefore cannot adequately represent the product's distinctive color features,\" he adds.

Laneige has become a well-known brand in Korea, where it enjoys an extremely high rating among consumers. Distribution is currently being expanded in the Asian market, with great success in China and Hong Kong. AmorePacific, the Korean market leader with a 35 percent market share, has embarked on an ambitious program of global expansion.