Lancome Magnifique Cosmetic Tubes

- January 09, 2019 -

The beauty and elegance of Magnifique Rouge by Lancome is an ideal example of the design and aesthetic capabilities of cosmetic tubes made with DuPont™ Surlyn®.

Used for blow molding cosmetic applications, DuPont Surlyn® helps cosmetic manufacturers to create a cost-efficient decorative solutions for multi-layer cosmetic tubes and bottles. For Lancome's Magnifique Rouge cosmetic tubes, Surlyn® also creates:

  • High glossy surface
  • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Warm and pleasant touch
  • Deeper effects to reveal rich colors and pigments
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Improved squeezability and spring back effects

By using Surlyn® in multi-layer cosmetic containers, it is easier to regrind materials without coating, and there is no need to apply coating for gloss and scratch, resulting in significant cost savings and reduction of GHG emission.

There are a wide range of Surlyn® grades for your specific applications. For extrusion blow molding, they include Surlyn® 8920 for extreme gloss and Surlyn® 1706 for enhanced chemical resistance. For injection blow molding, use Surlyn® 8528 and 1652 for additional flexibility.