La vie est belle Fragrance Perfume Cap Lancome

- January 11, 2018 -

Life is Beautiful… with Dow Surlyn®

“La vie est belle,” proclaims the fragrance perfume cap from Lancôme. A fragrance that is more than a scent, a bottle or even a dream; above all, it represents a conviction, a point of view on the world around us. A fragrance infused with meaning, with both a conscience and a soul.

The flacon embodying this feeling is a redesign of a Lancôme bottle from 1949 called “le sourire de cristal” and closed with a prismatic cap made from Dow Surlyn® combined with a galvanized Zamac plate at the bottom. The cap is designed in a pure and simple looking way to achieve the highest possible clarity and a glass-like approach. To realize this the Dow packaging resin was the material of choice for the molder MBF Plastiques, who was able to provide a solution hiding the injection gate and mould a cube with sharp angles and flat surfaces without traces of welding lines or sink marks.

Further on MBF Plastiques accomplished the cap in a way that conceals the glue that joins the Surlyn® and the Zamac part. The outcome is a cost-effective glass-like cap with the attributes of a glass cube and without its brittleness.