Kenzoki Galland Cosmetic Cream Jars

- January 11, 2018 -

Combining the luxury look and transparency of glass with exciting creative potential and the performance benefits of advanced polymers, Dow Surlyn® is rapidly becoming the new “material of choice” for cosmetic cream jars and jars for personal care products.

“The unique blend of visual and tactile aesthetics made possible with Surlyn®, plus its functional advantages – resistance to breakage and chipping, light weight and ease of processing – appeal to packaging designers and brand owners. It helps them differentiate their brands in a highly competitive marketplace,” says Heike van de Kerkhof, Global Director, DuPont Cosmetic Solutions. “These qualities have triggered the expansion of Surlyn® into important new product categories and new regions – haircare and the attractive German market in particular.”

The 200-ml. cosmetic cream jar for Kenzoki Creamy Cleansing Cream from Kenzoki, the skincare line of Kenzo Parfums is one recent introduction. Here, a thick outer layer of Surlyn® over an inner layer of polypropylene produces an elegant frosted appearance – an attractive contrast to the jar’s shiny cap with its intriguing tilt – and is considerably lighter in weight than glass. Its sensual softness makes it very pleasant to the touch. According to a source at Qualipac of Neuilly, France, which produces the jar, “Surlyn® enables us to achieve a frosted glass effect in the moulding process without the application of a varnish, producing a high-quality appearance at reduced cost.”

Another example is Maria Galland, a premier dermatologically oriented French skincare brand, which recently introduced jars made with Surlyn® for its luxury skincare and body sculpting lines, replacing glass. Reasons for the changeover include the ability of Surlyn® to capture the sophisticated look of frosted glass, together with improved tactile properties and the additional benefit of safety – namely preventing breakage – which is an important consideration, both in handling and transportation and in eventual use.

“Surlyn® enables us to improve our cosmetic packaging,” says Carsten Wolansky, chief operating officer of Ileos GmbH of Wiehl, Germany (a subsidiary of Ileos S.A., France), which introduced Surlyn® to the German market and produces the injection-moulded jars for Maria Galland. “Not only is it an excellent glass replacement with unlimited design potential, it is also lightweight, unbreakable and lowers production costs.”

Ileos GmbH also manufactures premium products for luxury haircare preparations developed by the innovative German hair stylist Marlies Möller. Marlies Möller Beauty Hair Care, a division of Beiersdorf, selected Surlyn® to replace glass in elegant ivory-coloured jars with a distinctive “squared off” lid for three products. These are two overnight masks for damaged hair and the exclusive new “Pashmisilk” mask, which contains a blend of pashmina, ocean silk and silk. “Surlyn® is compatible with the quality image of Marlies Möller,” says Monika Ihle, Purchasing Manager for Beiersdorf’s prestige brands. “Its rich lustre, silky feel and light weight convey a feeling of pure luxury.”