Johns Manville Pvc Roof Senior Living Complex

- January 09, 2019 -

Fully adhered membrane meets wind and energy saving requirements

The Preserve At Palm-Aire is a landmark senior-living community in Pompano Beach situated on 13 acres of lush, beautiful grounds in South Florida. Offering both Independent Living and Assisted Living programs, the health care facility’s primary focus is on preserving residents’ quality of life in every way possible. The independent senior lifestyle at The Preserve At Palm-Aire is all about maintenance-free living, and that philosophy influenced the choice of a new roofing system for the facility.

The reroofing of The Preserve At Palm-Aire was complicated by Mansard-style roofs and 5' to 6' high parapet walls that greatly restricted access to the existing roofing system and lightweight structural concrete deck. The use of trash chutes was impossible, so a large crane and dumpster were used to remove the roofing debris. “What concerned us most was using such a large crane around an immaculately landscaped property fully occupied by tenants especially sensitive to excess noise and vibration,” says Geo Madruga, commercial project coordinator for A-1 Property Services Inc. From an installation standpoint, the low-slope roof was nearly covered with penetrations, including 30 large HVAC units and various pipes and stack vents.

The Solution
A-1 Property Services Inc. competed with several other contractors on an open spec bid. With the help of JM Sales Representative Lewis Buckner, A-1 advised the property owner that a 60-mil fleece-backed PVC roof membrane with DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE would provide the longevity, energy efficiency and chemical resistance required for the project. “We really pushed the PVC fleece backed as the superior roofing system and a unique solution for this building,” says Madruga. “We also felt more comfortable with JM’s PVC roof membrane due to our long track record with the product.”

Adhered directly to the concrete deck with water-based adhesive, the fleece-backed PVC exceeded Broward County’s 175 mph wind resistance requirement. The PVC membrane’s high reflectivity also earned an energy efficiency rebate from Florida Power & Light Company. “While there were definitely many unique penetrations, our 10-man crew had no problems with the heat-weldable PVC membrane,” says Madruga.

Madruga’s concerns—and his company’s name—both reflect A-1’s desire to create long-term relationships with clients that include expert maintenance services. “We met the expectations of the owner’s roof consultant, but with offices in Washington D.C., the client placed a tremendous amount of trust in the roofing manufacturer and contractor,” added Madruga. “We are specialists, and we don’t just walk away from any roofs that we install.”

Pompano Beach, Florida

Building Representative
CRP Preserve Palm-Aire LLC Washington, D.C.
Jeff Lamb, Analyst
The Preserve At Palm-Aire Pompano Beach, Florida

Roofing Contractor
A-1 Property Services Inc. Miami, Florida
Yosvany (Geo) Madruga

Commercial Project Coordinator
JM Peak Advantage® Summit Club® Contractor

National Roofing Contractors Association
Florida Roofing, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors Association

Roofing System Solution: SP6RA 20-Year JM Peak Advantage® Guarantee JM Fully Adhered Fleece-Backed PVC 60 mil Single Ply Roofing System adhered with Water-Based Adhesive RS-1618 (New 9-14)

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