Innovative Partnerships in India Focused on Enabling Sustainable Solutions

Vishakhapatnam, India - February 03, 2017 -

Chrys Fernandes, regional marketing leader for Dow Water and Process Solutions, participated in a panel on Innovating Partnerships for Sustainable Development at the second Sunrise Andhra Pradesh Investment Meeting in Vishakhapatnam, India. The discussion at the event focused on efforts to create an enabling approach to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Speaking at the event, Fernandes focused on the Energy Water Nexus and the need to look at solutions that reduce the strain on environment with emphasis on technologies for recycle and reuse of waste water. He commented that the world needs solutions for big challenges like energy, water and food, which are interlinked. He explained that Dow is committed to minimizing our own footprint and to delivering solutions that help our customers and the rest of society do the same. He also highlighted how Dow technologies are helping customers reduce their energy requirements and use recycled water that help reduce their freshwater demand, making more water available for municipalities.