Indiana Tube Selects Johns Manville PVC Roofing Membrane

- January 11, 2018 -

Using Johns Manville (JM) single-ply PVC roofing membrane system made with Dow Elvaloy® KEE, Indiana Tube Corporation solves leaky roof woes of its 180,000-square-foot metal building complex.


Indiana Tube Corporation is a major supplier of refrigeration condensers and small-diameter, single-wall, low-carbon steel tubes for use by OEMs worldwide in a wide range of industries from automotive, appliance and refrigeration to off-road vehicles and heavy equipment. Its manufacturing, storage, warehousing and office spaces are located in a complex of metal buildings, the first built in 1973. Today, the entire operation is housed in seven adjacent metal structures.


Much of the roof was wide open; however, some sections had numerous pipes, vents, stacks and other penetrations – many no longer in use but all with a leak or two. “Once the roof started to go, we had some significant problems,” said Jeff Raber at Indiana Tube. “There were sections where the water just poured in every time it rained. Plus, we needed to cut out and replace part of the roof over the steel cleaning and plating area, a high-humidity environment in the plant.”


The problem and project were referred to Preferred Construction Services in nearby Henderson. “We are involved with projects of this nature all the time,” said Dave Coudret. “Replacing metal panels on Indiana Tube’s roof was out of the question. The leaks were compounded by rooftop drainage issues between buildings. We recommended filling them with insulation, installing new retrofit roof drains and adding crickets for positive drainage. Re-covering the facility with a JM single-ply PVC roofing membrane was a win-win, adding insulation to the building and providing a long-term roofing solution.” Elvaloy® KEE from DuPont is an advanced thermoplastic, solid-phase polymer with tough, yet flexible, properties. It is the workhorse that enables plasticizer retention – critical to having a pliable and durable membrane in the most extreme environments and over the long term.

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