Importance of Rubber Components in Automotive Applications

Midland, Mich - April 20, 2017 -

While thermoplastic polyolefin elastomers (TPOs) are often the focus in addressing automotive trends like lightweighting and vehicle longevity, rubber should not take a back seat. Synthetic rubber, or EPDM (the name given to a saturated polymethylene polymer chain consisting of ethylene, propylene and diene) plays a significant role in addressing trends taking place across the automotive industry.

In fact, EPDM is addressing more than vehicle weight; it is offering automotive brand owners opportunities to enhance aesthetics, reduce road noise and meet consumer demand for high quality, long lasting, economical cars.

Read the full article, Not reinventing the wheel: The importance of rubber components in automotive applications, as published in Rubber World (April 2017), Volume 256, No. 1.