Impact Modifier Resins

Impact modifier resins increase the durability of molded or extruded plastics, particularly those subject to impact forces or cold weather service. Dow modifiers are available for toughened nylon resins, as well as for rigid PVC, PBT, ABS and other commonly specified plastics.

For Toughened Nylon

Dow™ Fusabond® polymer modifiers and Surlyn® ionomer resins provide excellent impact modifier performance for both PA6, PA 6,6. For more details, see nylon impact modification.

For Toughened Polyester

Elvaloy® PTW terpolymer and Elvaloy® AC copolymer resins can be cost-effective impact modifiers for polyesters (PET & PBT). For more details, see polyester impact modification.

For Toughened Polypropylene

Dow™ Elvaloy® AC impact modifiers can be used in single-screw extruders to make toughened polypropylene alloys. For more details, see polypropylene modification.

For Toughened ABS

Added to ABS compounds, cost-effective Dow™ Elvaloy® AC impact modifier resins can increase toughness by as much as 300% at loadings of 5 to 10%. For more details, see ABS impact modification.

For Toughened Polycarbonate (PC) and PC Blends

Elvaloy® PTW resin can be highly effective as an impact modifier in polycarbonate/polyester (PC/PBT) alloys, while Elvaloy® AC and PTW resins can help make PC/ABS blends tougher, more ductile and easier to melt-process. For more details, see polycarbonate compounding with Dow modifiers.

For Rigid PVC

Dow™ Elvaloy® impact modifier resins improve the impact resistance and cost-efficiency of rigid PVC compounds by lowering extrusion temperatures, reducing PVC compound viscosity, and allowing higher loading of low-cost fillers while still meeting impact requirements and melt processing needs. For more details, see PVC impact modification.