How it Works Polymer Modified Asphalt Elvaloy RET

- January 01, 2016 -

Reduces Pavement Rutting
Repeated heavy loads can cause asphalt pavements to permanently deform over time, most noticeably forming unsafe ruts in a travel lane or intersection.
Resists Pavement Rutting

Fights Cold Cracking
Even when formulated to resist rutting in hot weather, an RET-modified asphalt enables use of paving materials that are less brittle in cold temperatures.
Preventing Pavement Cracks

Reduces Fatigue Cracking
Elvaloy® RET improves pavement resilience at the molecular level, to better resist cracking after repeated fatigue.
Improves Fatigue Cracking

Resists Stripping
An Elvaloy® RET-modified binder has improved adhesion to the aggregate, and thus stays coated longer, even through repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Anti-Strip Function of DuPont™ Evaloy® RET

\"Locked-In\" Enhancements
Hydrocarbon chemistry development results in a reactive terpolymer imparting permanently enhanced elastomeric properties in an asphaltic cement.
A Reactive Polymer