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- January 01, 2016 -

Meat and Fish Food Waste More Detrimental than Vegetable and Fruit Food Waste

Research shows that while produce waste may trump protein waste (i.e. fish and meat) in terms of volume, when it comes to value and environmental impact, it is fish and meat waste that leads the pack.

In 2010, thirty one percent of all food available at the retail/consumer level went uneaten, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. That represents $161.6 billion or 133 billion pounds. The three largest food groups contributing to this food loss were meat, fish and poultry, and produce and dairy, with meat, fish and poultry contributing the biggest impact.

Industry Perspective

How Packaging Can Help

Innovative packaging can lead to positive environmental advantages. According to a recent study from Denkstatt, an Austrian environmental sustainability solutions think tank, “Even if improved packaging solutions contribute to increased CO2 emissions, the CO2 savings from reduced food waste are in most cases much higher.”

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