Hot Mix Asphalt Information

- January 01, 2016 -

For hot mix asphalt paving contractors, polymer-modified binder made with Elvaloy® RET can help meet higher performance specifications without creating problems for crews or worries about weather delays. Storage-stable RET-modified binder can offer new flexibility in materials sourcing, value-engineering and project bidding strategy.

Faster Compaction

Hot mix asphalt modified with Elvaloy® RET can be compacted faster, with less sticking to equipment. It's also more storage stable, and can be compacted at temperatures as much as 20°F (11°C) lower than SBS-modified asphalt.

An Easy-Handling Mix

Storage-stable pellets of Elvaloy® RET are easy to blend into hot asphalt, without a need for high- shear mills. Contractors who become their own modified binder producer can gain more control of raw material costs.

Predictable Asphalt Binder Performance

Predictive tests with any given asphalt help use just enough polymer to meet or exceed binder performance specs.

With Elvaloy® RET, every molecule adds performance, enabling low addition rates. Build or buy high-performance binder more efficiently, store it longer, and ship it farther.

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Warm Mixes and Emulsions

Dow™ Elvaloy® RET is compatible with most warm mix technologies, and can be used to make cationic emulsions for use in various emulsion products such as chip seals, fog seals and microsurfaces.

Project Example

Popular Pennsylvania Road for Trucks Relies on Evaloy® RET for Performance