Highlighting Twelve Sustainability Success Stories in Latin America

MIDLAND, Mich. - December 09, 2016 -

Dow recently launched a publication highlighting its sustainability practices in Latin America. The publication showcases 12 of the Company's most important initiatives implemented in 2015 and 2016 that integrate the three sustainability spheres – social, economic and environmental. It also provides an overview of Dow’s business and corporate citizenship strategy for the region, including Dow's commitment to redefine the role of businesses in society, which seeks to support public policies and aspirations though science and technology.

For Brazil, the publication highlights the Official Carbon Partnership for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, through which Dow committed to mitigate 500,000 tons of CO2 equivalents (CO2eq) resulting from the organization of the Games. The Company has also committed to generate additional 1.5 million CO2eq in climate benefits by 2026 to offset other emissions related to the Games. Learn more about Dow sustainability efforts in Brazil.

Colombia has some 166,000 km of roads, of which only 14% are paved. The unpaved roads play an important role in the social and economic development of Colombia's rural area, linking it to urban areas. Through its soil stabilization solutions, Dow polymer emulsions and Dow Corning silicones are helping communities across the country. The solutions combine durability, safety and lower construction and application costs, with social and environmental benefits, through a technical assistance and knowledge management program to help the community maintain the roads. As a result, 450 people in the region have been directly benefited with the application of only two complementary technologies and the collaboration of 15 strategic partners. Learn more about Dow sustainability efforts in Colombia.

In Mexico, Dow started an action plan in 2015 that includes initiatives to broaden the dialogue and encourage the engagement and communication with business leaders, universities and other stakeholders to understand local needs and strengthen its portfolio of consumer solutions. By developing a new view about consumers, the Company managed to mobilize 300 people to implement nine projects, four of which were previously developed in collaboration with external partners. In Mexico City and Guadalajara, 75 volunteers from Dow worked in support of Dow STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Math) efforts in the country. Over the course of five weeks, employees from Dow, SolidariDow, and Fondo Unido México's partnered with the “Atrévete a descubrir” program to introduce science concepts to the students and teachers of a local primary school. Teachers and volunteers were trained in new approaches and content for STEM education. Students presented projects in a science fair and were awarded a medal qualifying them as “Certified Scientists.” The project included more than 9,600 hours of voluntary work, which is a record in terms of hours invested in a community initiative in Mexico. The project benefited more than 300 kids and directly impacted 1,200 people in three schools. Learn more about Dow sustainability efforts in Mexico.

In Argentina, the lack of fossil fuels represents a challenge for the local industry and population. To reduce the dependence on coal and oil, Dow has been working with the Argentine state-owned company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales on a pilot project to extract cleaner burning natural gas from shale. Located in the Vaca Muerta basin, the project already includes 16 wells with the capacity to produce 750,000 m3 of shale gas. It is estimated that the region is one of the richest oil and shale reserves in the world. Learn more about Dow sustainability efforts in Argentina.

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