Higher Purity Fragrance Packaging

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German plastics systems producer Gaplast GmbH developed the innovative bag-in-bottle fragrance packaging made with Dow Surlyn® to increase fragrance purity, helping meet stricter guidelines for cosmetics use after opening.

Gaplast was drawn to the flexibility and sealing properties of Surlyn® to create fragrance packaging that is both attractive and effective, increasing design freedom.

The Challenge

Gaplast was faced with new cosmetics guidelines requiring the packaging state the period after opening (PAO) when the product can be used without any loss of quality. Packaging that lets fragrances last longer once they’re opened can increase customer satisfaction, as no one wants to throw away a half-used bottle of cologne or perfume.

In the case of fragrance, the ability to both fill and dispense without exposure to germs would mean a decrease in the amount of preservatives needed to maintain product purity and stability, thereby increasing PAO.

The Solution

Surlyn® ionomer resin was selected due to its high transparency and chemical resistance, as well as its limited adhesion to the outer bottle. Surlyn® grades 1650 E and 1652 were used because they provide excellent processing behavior during extrusion blow molding. In order to optimize barrier properties, the inner bag may consist of several layers.

The outer bottle is made from a stiff thermoplastic, such as PET. A patented process helps attach the inner bag made of Surlyn® to the top and bottom of the outer bottle. The minimal adhesion between Surlyn® and the exterior material creates needed flexibility, as the inner bag easily detaches itself from the bottle and evenly contracts during fragrance dispensing.

Key Advantages

Surlyn® used in this bag-in-bottle fragrance packaging system delivers many advantages, including:

  • High degree of design freedom:The bottle can be individually shaped and maintain its silhouette regardless of the shape of the inner bag.
  • Enhanced aesthetics:Thanks to the high transparency of the exterior material and of Surlyn®, the fragrance appears to float within the bottle.
  • Improved purity:With Surlyn®, far fewer preservatives need to be added to the fragrance compared to traditional fragrance packaging, and the airless pump prevents exposure to germs during dispensing. 
  • Meets cosmetics guidelines:Improved product purity and stability helps meet new cosmetics guidelines requiring the period after opening (PAO) be stated on the product.
  • Increased consumer satisfaction:Depending on the shape and size of the bottle, residual contents range from one percent to four percent, so the consumer will be able to use almost all of the fragrance.

Gaplast GmbH was formed in 1969 in Saulgrub-Altenau, Germany. It develops and produces plastics systems for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and fragrance packaging. Its end-to-end services include original packaging concepts, production, assembly, packaging, filling, and final packaging.