Hera Mhun Luxury Fragrance Design

- January 11, 2018 -

Unique Packaging Captures the Energy and Delicacy of a Bubble to Radiate Luxury.

Hera Mhun eau de toilette features a luxury fragrance design that strengthens the brand's unique \"circle in a square\" visual identity. Dow Surlyn® offers excellent transparency and a smooth touch, and can be easily combined with other elements such as metals, to create unusual, eye-catching shapes.

Dow Surlyn® has become a material of choice for the caps of fragrances marketed under several AmorePacific brands. The luxury fragrance design for the cap for Hera Mhun eau de toilette, for example, further strengthens Hera's unique \"circle in a square\" visual identity with a boldy squared-off element of transparent Surlyn® placed over a golden globe-shaped cap made of plated ABS. Here again, the ease of achieving optimum thickness and transparency is an advantage of the material, coupled with excellent resistance, a soft touch and infinite design freedom.

Other cap designs made of Surlyn® include a dramatic multi-faceted shape in rich red for Hera Zeal eau de toilette and sensuously curvaceous shapes for the range of colognes and eaux de toilette sold under various eSpoir fragrance brands, distributed primarily in the Korean and Chinese markets.