Gli Alimenti Airlux Eurovetrocap Cream Bottle

- January 09, 2019 -

Dafne Italian Philosophy, owner of cosmetics brand \"100% made in Italy,\" has announced the launch of its new intensive anti-aging care \"gli elementi\" cream bottle. Positioned as top of the range, this new concept of advanced cosmetics is highlighted in the Airlux bottle recently developed by Eurovetrocap – there was genuine and immediate chemistry between the two companies as explained by Davide Brichetti, CEO of Dafne Italian Philosophy: “We sought out the most luxurious packaging possible for our anti-aging serum among the existing offers on the market, in particular, locally to emphasize the “made in Italy” concept. From the very first meeting in Eurovetrocap with the Marketing Manager, Ike Raccah, and the Quality Manager Dr Pierpaolo Foiani, we were immediately fascinated by the idea of associating the creative path of our new formulation range with another amazing concept – the Airlux bottle. The packaging can be customized both on the outer surface and on the bottle itself, which adds depth to the design. In addition, the Airless bottle technology allows for optimal ingredient preservation, perfect delivery and is safer and more convenient for the user. Its amazing ergonomics associated with this aesthetic revolution immediately won us over.”

Using Surlyn® 3D technology, the Airlux bottle is made from a polypropylene bottle which is molded with a thick layer of Surlyn® replacing glass with its crystalline transparency. In addition to being protected, the decorative print on the bottle is enhanced using Surlyn®, with both a magnifying effect and a sense of depth. Dafne Italian Philosophy quickly embraced this packaging, which allows for greater design freedom and has transposed its identity onto a bottle as transparent as glass, refined and elegant. \"Following 12 months of meetings, reflection, great mutual enrichment, thousands of ideas, meticulous work to perfect the bottle down to the finest detail, tests and adjustments, we have succeeded in completing our work of which we are very proud: a serum with amazing features in a luxurious pearl coloured bottle with a silver-colored logo. '' Screen-printed decors are very refined and enhanced by the magnifying effect brought about by the Surlyn® molding. \"We are really very satisfied with the result, it is a combination of excellence,\" concludes Davide Brichetti.