Givenchy Dahlia Diving Perfume Cover

- January 09, 2019 -

Following the success of Dahlia Divin Eau de Parfum in 2014, the new Eau de Toilette version extends its appeal, reaffirming Givenchy’s alchemy between haute couture and the world of perfume. The bottle for this new edition retains the original packaging design with its iconic cover, but replaces the opaque version with a stunning, transparent cuboid pefume cover in DuPont™ Surlyn®.

Using their technical expertise, SAF was able to create a piece that precisely matched the Givenchy specification, but in sparkling clear Surlyn® PC2000. Carried out in a single injection despite its exceptional thickness, the material’s crystalline transparency shows absolutely no visual defects. Even the injection point located on the top of the cap is practically invisible. The final result is as luminous as glass, creating just the right impression of luxury. This is the magic of Surlyn®, achieving an effect which is both delicate and precious, and reflecting the beauty of this divine new creation.