Frank Nijssen Receives 2016 Modtland Award

Midland, MICH. - January 30, 2017 -

Frank Nijssen, Solution Polyethylene Technology associate within the Plastics Technology Center in Terneuzen has been selected as the recipient of the 2016 Curt Modtland Award for Excellence in Engineering Fundamentals for his utilization of fundamental engineering expertise contributing to the advancement of Dow with the implementation of new and improved technology.

The history of Dow is synonymous with technical innovation. The driving force behind that technical innovation is a great team of engineers and scientists.

In that spirit, the Modtland Award was established in recognition of Modtland’s career-long dedication to the advancement of science and technology through the use of the foundational engineering principles. Curt Modtland achieved the highest technical position possible within Manufacturing and Engineering (M&E), the level of Corporate M&E Technology Fellow and the Modtland Award is dedicated to recognizing those individuals who aspire to leave a legacy of technical achievements of the highest order. This annual award serves to highlight the importance of technical excellence and the critical part it plays in Dow's success.

Nijssen is a world-leading expert in the commercialization of newly developed technology in solution polyethylene facilities. He has been recognized with 24 Technology Center awards contributing significant value to Dow’s bottom line. Nijssen’s single most important technology development was the successful scale-up and implementation of the metallocence catalyst families that have enabled many new product families including ELITE™ Linear Low Density PE resins, AFFINITY™ Plastomeric Resins, ENGAGE™ Elastomers, NORDEL™ IP Elastomers, INFUSE™ Olefin Block Copolymers, VERSIFY™ Plastomers and Elastomers, and INATE™ Precision Packaging Resins. Throughout his career, Nijssen has contributed to many aspects of Dow’s plastics franchise technologies.

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