Fold and Form no Dig Pipe Liners

- January 01, 2016 -

Aging underground conduits ... especially old sewer pipelines and storm drains ... can lead to higher public utility costs from uncorrected leaks and inflows. Often, the most cost-effective way to repair the pipes is to line them with a snug plastic sleeve.

Called \"trenchless\" or \"no-dig\" repair, the sealing of leaks in underground pipes without digging up streets and landscapes means huge construction savings for the utility, and a lot less disturbance in the local neighborhood.

Available no-dig technologies include \"fold-and-form\" pipe liners made with specially compounded PVC that can be extruded into pre-folded shapes ... such as \"C\" or \"U\" or \"H\" shape. The folded liner is delivered to a project site on a large spool. Repair crews then unwind the folded PVC liner from the spool and pull it through the pipe. Special equipment is used to seal both ends, and then apply heat and pressure to \"inflate\" the plastic. The liner is inflated until it meets with and conforms to the inner wall of the old pipe.

Compounding the PVC with Elvaloy® adds fold-and-form flexibility during pipe liner manufacture, plus in situ installer efficiency through precisely controlled viscoeastic and thermal processing properties of the PVC used for the liner.

Several leading underground pipe repair companies use PVC modified with Elvaloy® to assure successful handling in this application.