Flower By Kenzo Perfume Cap

- January 09, 2019 -

Nine years after launching its “FlowerbyKenzo” perfume with its iconic poppy, Kenzo introduced “FlowerbyKenzo essentielle”. Designed by Serge Mansau, its slender bottle is stretched almost to breaking-point, further defying gravity; the material becomes delicate and transparent.

The outstanding clarity of DuPont Surlyn® was the principal reason behind Auriplast’s decision to select this resin for the “FlowerbyKenzo essentielle” perfume cap. “The challenge was to produce a component that would be both solid and slender (up to 4.17’’ (106 mm) high) using one-step molding, while creating the curved shape in a post-molding process,” explains Stéphane Bruhat, project leader at Qualipac Auriplast. “We chose Surlyn® PC2000 because it combines the best performance in terms of transparency with essential thickness.”

Surlyn® PC2000, a grade launched at the start of the 21st century, is highly suitable for injection molding, providing enhanced processability over other grades. It is ideal for applications where easy melt flow characteristics and high stiffness, high clarity and good abrasion resistance are desired.

The process for producing the \"FlowerbyKenzo essentialle\" perfume cap is the DuPont Surlyn® 3D technology, which represents a significant step towards its objective of going beyond glass. It combines enhanced design freedom and greater decoration possibilities with greater consumer safety and convenience with “on-the-go” products. It involves the encasing, or overmolding, of an inner container with Surlyn® resins using a unique patented process. Several layers and different resins or materials can be used for the inner container depending on the appropriate level of barrier properties and desired decorative effects.