Family Health Centers Expansion

Midland, Michigan - 2015 - Dow has a long-standing commitment to the health and well-being of its employees and families. The Company has been and continues to be dedicated to a comprehensive Dow Health Strategy focused on excellent health, outstanding patient outcomes, exceptional quality and effectiveness of care, reduced waste and better value for every dollar spent. As part of the Company’s interest in addressing the rising costs of healthcare, Dow’s U.S.-wide approach includes Dow Family Health Centers, which are advance model primary care centers to serve Dow people. In 2015, Dow opened its first Dow Family Health Center in Texas, which has been very successful.

The Company’s future health strategy and go-forward approach to occupational health are evolving. Dow is expanding its utilization of Dow Family Health Centers at several additional locations across the country. The Company opened a Dow Family Health Center in July at its Northeast Technology Center in Collegeville, PA, and facilities are currently being planned at its Houston Dow Center and in Midland to open in the near future. These facilities will also help Dow to attract and retain the best talent for our Company success.

“The Dow Family Health Centers will provide a valuable new option for eligible Dow employees, pre-Medicare eligible retirees and their families for patient-centered, team-based, coordinated personal healthcare,” said Mark Boquet, Dow’s chief health officer and director of Health Services. Managed by QuadMed, a national provider of workplace primary care, the facility will also feature other services, such as an on-site pharmacy and physical therapy, to provide greater convenience to patients. Use of the Dow Family Health Centers is entirely optional.

“Employees have been asking for additional health center models like the one in Lake Jackson, which has proven to be an excellent benefit and convenience for our employees,” said Johanna Söderström, chief human resource officer and senior vice president Human Resources and Aviation.

“We are so pleased that our Dow people will have this great opportunity to support achieving their best personal health,” said Neil Hawkins, corporate vice president and chief sustainability officer. “We will continue to rely on the respected local medical specialists and hospitals, which are highly valued in our communities.”

The Dow Family Health Centers will offer comprehensive primary medical care and coordination of care to eligible Dow employees, pre-Medicare-eligible retirees and their dependents. Providing a truly patient-centered model of care, the center will facilitate short wait times for patients and significant one-on-one time with physicians and other healthcare professionals dedicated to serving Dow families. Because services received at Family Health Centers will be paid through the Dow medical plans, retirees whose primary coverage is Medicare will not be eligible for the Family Health Center.