EVA Plastic Production China

- January 01, 2016 -

In 2010 DuPont launched a joint venture for EVA plastic production in China to help meet growing demand for high-performance specialty resins used in a range of industries, particularly packaging.

In partnership with Beijing Hua Mei Polymer Company Limited, Dow produces a broad range of high-quality specialty Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) resins marketed under the trademark of Dow™ Elvax® EVA at a facility in Beijing. This is the first Dow entry into EVA plastic production in China.

A Packaging Resin of Choice

Inherently flexible, tough, and clear, Dow™ Elvax® EVA resins are a leading choice for efficient manufacturing of consumer packaging. Elvax® resins can be made into blown, extruded, and cast and coextruded films or blended with other resins.

“With EVA production in China, we have strengthened Dow’s position in the world’s fastest-growing EVA market and can better support our customers as they grow and expand to specialty products for high-value applications,” said William J. Harvey, president, Dow Packaging & Industrial Polymers.

Global Markets, Global Standards

The facility follows the same global standard operating procedures and quality control processes as other Dow manufacturing locations.This ensures its products meet the same high quality and performance specifications customers expect from Dow products.

Dow established EVA plastic production in China to go beyond packaging. The joint venture also serves markets as diverse as wire and cable, footwear, renewable energy, and electronics.

“Dow is committed to growing in China and other key emerging markets around the world and to using our science-based innovations to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” Harvey concluded.