Engagement Program for Veterans and People With Different Abilities

- September 14, 2016 -

Dow is unveiling a unique mentoring program that connects internal Dow mentors with top external talent with the purpose of engaging these individuals and eventually connecting them to open positions within Dow. The Engagement Program is expanding beyond a typical mentoring initiative by having a distinct focus on mentees who are a U.S. military veteran and/or are living with a disability.

In partnership with the Disability Employee Network (DEN) and Veterans Network (VETNET) employee resource groups (ERGs), Human Resources is focusing hiring efforts on veterans and people with disabilities (PwD) -- two groups whose employment rates have garnered national attention. The diverse skill sets and perspectives that these two groups bring are critical to the future success of Dow.

The program seeks to address the following:

  • Connection to Dow: Hiring for veterans and persons with disabilities has historically been fragmented and there is a lack of targeted events related to these groups. In addition, without access to the right mentor internally once hired, these individuals have a higher attrition rate. As part of this program, Workforce Planning will explicitly identify both veterans and PwDs to be part of the Engagement Program.
  • Transferable Skills: Veterans often times have transferable skills that are not easily understood by non-military employers when reviewing resumes. The Engagement Program will assist veterans in better communicating how their skills can be put to work for Dow, through the insight and coaching of their mentor.
  • Retention/Dow Culture: New hires often feel alone and unable to connect with the current workforce. Through the Engagement Program, mentors will be able to provide the needed connection and comradery within the Dow culture to assist their mentees in flourishing.

The Engagement Program is an example of how Dow people are building a culture of full inclusion and expanding Dow’s diversity of thought. This program will increase Dow’s access to innovative thoughts based on unique experiences, making our company and our community a better place.