Encouraging the Next Generation of Chemists in the Czech Republic

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Midland, Mich - July 21, 2017 -

Despina Anastasiou, regional president of Dow Central Europe, recently participated in the awards ceremony of the 5th Czech “Young Chemist” competition. This annual initiative is organized by the Association of the Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic. Dow is a member of the association, along with the University of Pardubice, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and nearly 50 other local companies.

The event took place at the Faculty of Chemical Technology and was supported by Dow for the second year in a row. Around 40 students from all over the Czech Republic qualified for the final that consisted of theoretical tests and a demonstration of practical lab skills. Overall, about 14,000 students aged 14 and 15 participated in the competition. The winner of this year’s competition was Vojtech Kriz from Pisek. The organizers also honored the winners’ chemistry teachers for their role in educating their students.

Anastasiou outlined Dow’s ongoing commitment to promote the global STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) program in the Czech Republic and across the region. “I wish to congratulate all the students who successfully took part in this important competition and those teachers who have been engaged in bringing young people closer to chemistry and any sciences,” commented Despina Anastasiou. “The initiative has confirmed that an increasing number of young students are interested in chemistry and fascinated by science. We will always continue to promote STEM activities and help training the new generation of chemists and scientists who will solve our future’s problems.“