Elvaloy RET Pavement Asphalt Additive

- January 01, 2016 -

Dow™ Elvaloy® RET is supplied as free-flowing pellets that melt into hot asphalt to create a permanently modified asphaltic (bitumen) binder. An RET-modified asphalt remains easy-to-use, but delivers improved long-term resilience and climate resistance.

Unlike elastomeric additives that are merely mixed or suspended in asphalt, RET locks itself in during a fluid-stage reaction. The enhanced binder stays homogenous, with good aggregate coating and adhesion performance.

Proven Performance Since 1991

U.S. Highway 97 in Oregon was among the earliest roads paved with Elvaloy® RET. Heavy trucks and severe temperatures demanded high performance.

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A Stable, Non-Separating Binder

It take less additive with Elvaloy® RET ... and the resulting binder is more storage stable and can travel without separating.

Use less, deliver more

About the Reaction Chemistry

Elvaloy® RET asphalt paving additive creates permanent binder property improvements by chemically interlocking with base asphalt (or bitumen) at a deep molecular level.

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