DPSP Announces First Commercial Installation and Use of Nordmeccanica Machinery

Schur® Star Systems, the first to install and use Nordmeccanica’s Duplex SL One Shot™ lamination line combined with Dow’s SYMBIEX™ adhesive technology, will be able to produce packaging faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively

MIDLAND, Mich. - September 21, 2017 - - Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics, a business unit of DowDuPont Material Science, today announced that Schur® Star Systems is the first company to commercially install Nordmeccanica’s Duplex SL One Shot™ lamination line, which runs Dow’s SYMBIEX™ Solventless Adhesives for packaging production. SYMBIEX™ technology will be used to manufacture flexible packaging for applications such as ready-meals packaging, sachets, portion packs, pouches and snack packaging.

“Dow introduced SYMBIEX™ to the global marketplace last year, and since then it has received tremendous recognition for its breakthrough production speeds and efficiencies,” said Laurent Remy, Global Business Director for Adhesives, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics. “Together with Nordmeccanica’s Duplex SL One Shot™ lamination line, SYMBIEX™ won the 2017 Technology of the Year Award from the Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL) and was just named a finalist for “R&D Magazine’s” R&D 100 Awards. The fact that SYMBIEX™ is now commercial provides industry verification of the technology’s groundbreaking advancements for solventless adhesives.”

The combination of using SYMBIEX™ with Nordmeccanica’s Duplex SL One Shot™ lamination line significantly reduces production times by forming packages in less than a day, compared to the three- to five-day industry standard. SYMBIEX™ also provides customers with packaging with sustainability benefits without compromising performance, such as reduced energy consumption and bonding with no volatile organic compounds or adhesive scrap.

“Schur® Star Systems is a 170-year old family owned business, and we’re proud to be taking the revolutionary step to be the first packaging manufacturer to use this breakthrough lamination technology in our operations,” said Christian Schur, Chief Executive Officer for Schur® Star Systems. “We actually have two lines coming online – one in North America and one in Europe. Using SYMBIEX™ and the Duplex SL One Shot™ laminator will enable us to dramatically reduce production times and costs and provide sustainability improvements, benefits that will resonate with our customers.”

SYMBIEX™ overcomes conventional lamination process limitations to create stronger value-in-use and higher total conversion cost reductions. The technology combines fast curing, which requires a fast-acting adhesive, with innovative machine design eliminating any potlife concerns. It also reduces machine downtime because of easy cleaning, which in turn can lower production costs.

“The award winning technology of SYMBIEX™ and the Duplex SL One Shot™ lamination line combine Dow’s adhesives expertise with Nordmeccanica’s legacy as equipment manufacturing pioneers,” added Vincenzo Cerciello, VP Technology at Nordmeccanica Group. “This first global installation will lead to more packaging manufacturers and brand owners improving their operations and achieving their business objectives to address growing industry demand for shorter runs, sustainability, faster time to market and flexible performance.”

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