Dow Sponsors Bahia State Chemistry Olympics

- September 05, 2016 -

For the fifth consecutive year, Dow is a sponsor of the Bahia State Chemistry Olympics. The event involves thousands of students enrolled at public and private schools throughout the state. The objective is to encourage teaching, studying and research in the field of Chemistry, in addition to revealing new talents.

The event is in its 11th year and is organized by ABQ (Brazilian Chemistry Association)–Bahia Section. It is supported by IQ-UFBA (Chemistry Institute-Federal University of Bahia), CNPq (National Council on Scientific and Technologic Development), Sesi (Social Service of Industry), Fieb (Federation of Industries of the State of Bahia), and the Cefet-Bahia Foundation.

For the second stage of the Olympics 4,458 students were selected among over 16,000 students enrolled at regular and technological high schools, who joined the first stage. The students who achieve the top-ranking positions in the second stage will represent Bahia in the North-Northeast Olympics and in the Brazilian Chemistry Olympics in 2017. This year, the students awarded will have a chance to visit the Dow Unit installed in Aratu.

“Chemistry is present in 95 percent of the products that we use – ranging from the simplest to the most essential solutions in life. We sponsor the Bahia Chemistry Olympics because we want to encourage youth to become future professionals of the area, joining us on a journey to develop products and solutions that bring sustainable improvements for the world and helping to overcome challenges such as clean energy, adequate and accessible food supply, adequate housing, and clean drinking water,” says Daniel Cintra, regional director of Institutional Affairs at Dow.