Dow Solutions to Power New International Olympic Committee Headquarters

Multiple Dow solutions to be integrated within new Swiss-based Olympic House building, set to serve as the unified global meeting place for the Olympic Movement

MIDLAND, Mich. - June 21, 2018 -

MIDLAND, Mich. - June 21, 2018 - Following the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 earlier this year, The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) announced today that multiple Dow solutions have been selected to enhance the architecture and performance of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)’s new headquarters building—Olympic House—in Lausanne, Switzerland. The building, set to serve as the unified global meeting place for the Olympic Movement, commemorates the 100th anniversary of the city’s establishment as the international headquarters.

Scheduled for inauguration in June 2019, the overall architecture of Olympic House is inspired by the movement of athletes, while blending with its natural park setting through elements such as rooftop gardens. Complementing the environmental surroundings, Olympic House is being constructed with the highest level of energy efficiency, long term savings and sustainability in mind, targeting the achievement of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification.

“Dow’s history with the Olympic Movement, celebrated most recently with the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, has always focused on collaboration to combine the power of science and sport globally,” said Louis A. Vega, Dow’s vice president of Olympic & Sports Solutions. “At the iconic new Olympic House, innovative Dow solutions will be applied to deliver benefits in areas such as energy efficiency, health and safety. We look forward to the next steps in this journey with the IOC, offering a lasting impact on generations to come and creating an inspiring atmosphere for all who work in and visit the building.”

The following Dow solutions will be incorporated into Olympic House.

DOWSIL™ Silicone Sealants
To construct the glass exterior and stay true to the symbolism of the Olympic Movement through the building's design, the IOC is incorporating a combination of long lasting silicone products for sealing and bonding. DOWSIL™ 993 Silicone Structural Glazing bonds the exterior glass to metal framing without the use of visible mechanical fasteners. This enhances architectural design freedom, while demonstrating effectiveness in weather conditions year-round, including extreme cold, heat, humidity and UV radiation. Simultaneously, DOWSIL™ 791 Weatherproofing Sealant and DOWSIL™ 3363 Insulating Glass Sealant help improve the airtightness of the building envelope, saving energy and reducing costs of uncontrolled air leakage.

Inside Olympic House, interior walls will be coated with paint formulated using DOW PRIMAL™ SF-208ER Binder. This low-VOC, waterborne, styrene-acrylic binder was created with patented FORMASHIELD™ Technology from Dow, which helps remove formaldehyde from ambient air in buildings by triggering a chemical reaction between formaldehyde and the binder, in turn transforming the air pollutant into a harmless vapor. This helps improve overall indoor air quality and minimizes formaldehyde exposure, reducing potential health issues, such as respiratory diseases and allergies.

DOW WALOCEL™ Cellulosic Thickener
On the floors of Olympic House, DOW WALOCEL™ Cellulose Ether will be implemented to improve the performance of ceramic tile adhesives. DOW WALOCEL™ Cellulose Ether, as a key component of the adhesive, offers advanced workability during installation, while standing up to sagging and water retention over the long term. DOW WALOCEL™ Cellulose Ether also offers slip reducing properties, providing a safer tile adhesive solution for visitors of Olympic House.

DOW VERDISEAL™ Waterproof Membrane
To enhance the practicality of Olympic House from top-to-bottom, DOW VERDISEAL™ Waterproof Membrane will be applied to the parking lot rooftop. This coating does not use fumes, open flames or solvents known to contribute harmful emissions, offering excellent environmental protection. By protecting against invasive root species, the spray-applied polyurethane will set the foundation for lush rooftop gardens that will surround the parking lot in the future.

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