Dow S4TAR Awards Celebrate Supply Chain Partner Excellence

MUMBAI - August 11, 2016 - The Dow S4TAR 2015 Annual Award ceremony was recently held in Mumbai, India. Sixteen strategic logistics partners participated in the event. The program is a collaborative partnership between Dow Logistics and our strategic logistic partners, to enable their advancement in Safety, Services, Sustainability and Social Responsibility. This year’s India S4TAR award was presented to the top three performers in Warehousing Excellence, Carrier Excellence and Customs House Agent Excellence.

The S4TAR program was piloted in China and was expanded to India, Japan, and the South-East Asian countries in 2012. The India program is now in its fourth year and has been highly recognized across the logistics world and the chemical industry.

“Our Responsible Care™ program is at the heart of all we do at the Dow Chemical company. That makes it even more satisfying to know that we are meeting or exceeding our objectives on Environment, Health and Safety and setting new standards of excellence for others to follow,” said Peter Marshall, director, Dow Logistics for Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, as he congratulated all on the collective achievement.

“Working with our Logistics Service Providers, we have been able to raise the bar for safety and service standards since the inception of this program,” said Alok Gautam, country Logistics leader. “Also, since sustainable operation is a key element of the program, we are ensuring that we have as low environmental impact as possible.”

The S4TAR Program is one of the approaches by which Dow, in collaboration with value chain partners, is pursuing safe, reliable, and competitive supply chain breakthroughs, while also driving transparency, accountability and commitment for sustainable and profitable growth.