Dow Renews Support for Endangered Eagles in the Philippines

Midland, MICH. - February 05, 2017 -

On February 2, 2017, Dow Philippines renewed the support for the adopted Philippine eagle “Sambisig” with a donation of $10,000 to help care for the bird over the next four years. This is the eighth year of continued support from Dow for the iconic Philippine eagle, in cooperation with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF). The foundation is a non-profit organization that embarked on a program to accelerate the captive breeding of the Philippine eagle in Davao City. This program is expected to help replenish the wild eagle population, which currently numbers only around 400 pairs and is threatened with extinction.

Sambisig was born in captivity in 2002 in Davao, and has been paired with a male eagle in the hopes of successfully breeding later this year. The Philippine eagle has been one of the most endangered species in the Philippines. Through the support of Dow, PEF is committed to caring for Sambisig, while also developing conservation research and campaigns to protect the country’s national symbol.

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