Dow Leaders Honored on OUTstandings 2017 Leading LGBT and Ally Professionals List

Leaders recognized for actively contributing to an inclusive environment in the workplace and beyond

MIDLAND, Mich. - October 26, 2017 - As a highly-regarded global employer advocating lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) inclusion, The Dow Chemical Company, a subsidiary of DowDuPont, announced today that six leaders have been honored on the 2017 OUTstanding Leading LGBT+ Executives, Leading Ally Executives and Top LGBT+ Future Leaders lists, presented by the Financial Times. The annual rankings by OUTstanding, a professional network for LGBT+ executives and their allies, are selected following a nominee review process.

Dow’s leaders achieved recognition on the Leading LGBT+ Executives, Leading Ally Executives and Top LGBT+ Future Leaders lists, with three leaders making the top 10 in their respective categories. Each ranking list honors professionals who actively contribute to an environment where employees feel safe, valued and respected, both within and outside of the workplace.

“Our progressive leadership team has made it their mission to boldly champion equal rights of all employees and set an example for other companies around the world,” said Karen S. Carter, Dow’s chief inclusion officer. “It is gratifying to see the relentless determination of Dow leaders once again being acknowledged by a well-respected organization such as OUTstanding. As a Company, we will continue to stand up for an inclusive workplace that not only celebrates diversity within our walls, but also encourages cultural change in our communities.”

Dow Leaders Recognized as Top 50 Leading Ally Executives

Andrew Liveris, Executive Chairman, DowDuPont, and Chairman and CEO of Dow, #4

Andrew Liveris leads the charge at Dow to strengthen diversity and inclusion in the workplace. A vocal advocate, Liveris calls for action to tackle inequality head-on within the Company, as well as within communities and society. He was among the first to sign the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, rallying with 160 other companies to advance workplace equality. In 2017, he also named Karen S. Carter as chief inclusion officer, a new role at Dow. Additionally, Liveris spearheaded plans this year to strategically increase the diversity of Dow’s supplier base and to add more diverse colleges and universities to the company’s U.S. recruiting efforts. Liveris’ dedication to diversity, inclusion and equality, and his leadership in driving these ideals throughout the organization, has earned Dow numerous honors and recognitions over the past decade.

Howard Ungerleider, Chief Financial Officer, DowDuPont, and Chief Financial Officer, Dow, #17

In addition to his role as chief financial officer, Ungerleider has served for more than a decade as executive sponsor for Dow’s LGBT and allies employee resource group, GLAD. Ungerleider has enabled unparalleled progress in LGBT equality in the workplace and beyond. His guidance and dedication have helped Dow gain national recognition and achieve the strongest possible inclusive culture and standards regarding LGBT policies and practices. Ungerleider has continuously created a corporate environment of acceptance that enables LGBT and allies employees to enjoy successful and fulfilling careers at Dow.

Dow Leaders Recognized as Top 100 Leading LGBT+ Executives

Jim Fitterling, Chief Operating Officer, Materials Science Division, DowDuPont, and President and Chief Operating Officer, Dow, #3

After nearly 30 years in the closet during his professional life, Fitterling came out to Dow’s more than 50,000 employees in 2014. Since then, he has been instrumental in Dow’s drive toward LGBT equality, leading by example among senior LGBT and ally executives at Dow and around the world to drive advocacy efforts in support of diversity and inclusion efforts. Fitterling also mentors LGBT employees, sharing his insights and striving to make a personal difference with each colleague.

Louis A. Vega, President and Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, and Vice President, Olympic & Sports Solutions, Dow, #11

As a sponsor of Dow’s LGBT and allies employee resource group, GLAD, Vega strives to be a role model by bringing his whole and open self to the workplace and being an outspoken, public supporter of the organization and its mission. Vega serves as an officer and member of the Board of Directors for GLAAD and the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute, and actively contributes to organizations, including PFLAG, SAGE, the Gays & Lesbian Task Force and numerous AIDS Walk and Ride organizations.

Dow Leaders Recognized as Top 50 LGBT+ Future Leaders

José Alberto Pino Andrade, New Business Development Manager, Mexico, Dow, #6

Pino leads efforts in Latin America for Dow’s LGBT and allies employee resource group, GLAD, and is the founder of the group’s Mexico City chapter. He has raised awareness and driven culture change for LGBT inclusion through prominent guest speakers and creative seminars that connect hobbies and social activities to diversity. In 2014, Pino was a founding member of Pride Connection, the first Mexican association for companies that support the LGBT community, now with 23 corporate participants.

Cory Valente, R&D Leader, Strategic Recruiting & Research Assignments Program, Dow, #21

As global leader for Dow’s LGBT and allies employee resource group, GLAD, Cory sets the networks strategic priorities along the three pillars of Culture Change, Equitable Policies & Practices, and Corporate Reputation. He ensures that the network has both short- and long-term initiatives and lobbies internally for the resources needed to achieve their vision of a fully inclusive workplace for Dow’s employees. Initiatives aligned to their strategy has enabled the network to grow to more than 3,200 participants in more than 100 countries across the globe, including the Asia-Pacific region where they launched their first regional GLAD chapter in 2017 at the Shanghai Dow Center. Externally, Valente routinely advocates for equality in various settings. He also ensures that Dow maintains close ties to many of the major NGOs in the U.S. and abroad.

Leading the Drive for Inclusion and Equality

Dow is a long-time leader in championing a fully-inclusive workplace. The Company offers best-in-class policies and practices for LGBT colleagues, including equal benefits to same-sex partners for health, dental and life insurance, bereavement leave, relocation, dual career assistance and survivor benefits.

The Company also drives public policy and advocacy to bring fairness and equal treatment to all LGBT citizens, speaking on Capitol Hill in support of LGBT policies and leading state and federal lobbying activities.

In addition to OUTstanding, Dow maintains strong partnerships with several organizations, including: the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation, Out & Equal (O&E), PFLAG, Victory Institute and GLAAD.

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