Dow Chemical Ibérica to present sustainable solutions for industry at Expoquimia 2017

  • The company will exhibit a display of innovative products and technologies at its stand focused on Sustainability and the Human Element
  • In the common zone called Smart Chemistry, Smart Future, Dow will present two cutting-edge technologies related to energy efficiency and comfort, and to sustainable water management
  • Dow's experts will also give talks about the circular economy applied to water and plastic packaging, and about the global challenge of green energy

Barcelona, Spain - September 12, 2017 - The 18th edition of Expoquimia, the international chemistry event, will take place in Barcelona from 2 to 6 October. Dow Chemical Ibérica will play an extremely active role at the event, exhibiting its most sustainable innovations that address some of today’s greatest challenges, such as the circular economy and alternative energies.

“We are going to show how chemistry and technology are capable of coming together in an outstanding way to provide solutions that can improve our daily lives, while also making our planet a sustainable place”, said Anton Valero, General Manager of Dow Chemical Ibérica and President of the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation (FEIQUE). Valero went on to say, “Chemistry is vital to improve the future and Spain has a fundamental role in this process. We are fully committed – indeed this year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary since the start of our operations in Tarragona. Fifty years of technological contributions and efficiency and sustainability improvements bringing progress”.

The Stand

Dow will be present at Expoquimia with a stand that reflects its unwavering commitment to sustainability, demonstrating that chemistry is the key to contributing to the transition towards a better planet and society. Visually the stand will have two main themes: Dow’s Sustainability Goals for 2025, which focus on 3 pillars: developing the potential of people and science, valuing nature and establishing strategic collaborations; and the power of the Human Element, the essential component that is missing from the periodic table. The human talent is key to Dow’s success.

Dow will be exhibiting a range of its most innovative and sustainable products, which exemplify these values, such as technologies applied to plastic containers and packaging, including INNATE™, AGILITY™ and the new Barrier Adhesive solutions. It will also be presenting products from Dow Corning, acquired by Dow in 2016, which specializes in silicone-based solutions, designed to help create buildings that promote comfort and safety and are adapted to users’ needs, while also improving productivity, reducing risk and offering greater design freedom.

Smart Chemistry, Smart Future

The company will also exhibit various innovative products in the common at Expoquimia, called Smart Chemistry, Smart Future.

In the field of construction solutions, Dow will present a polyurethane panel made with VORACOR™ / VORATHERM™. These materials used in building construction have excellent thermal insulation properties that reflect the growing demand for energy efficiency. In the comfort solutions area, visitors can enjoy an interactive experience sitting on a sofa made with VORALUX™ and SPECFLEX™, high resistance foams that are extremely effective at supporting loads, recovering very quickly and offering an extended useful life. Visco-elastic foams will also be on display. They have an excellent capacity to absorb energy, adapting to the shape of the body while maintaining a stable microclimate and alleviating pressure on painful points. Dow Polyurethanes develops and delivers a broad portfolio of technologies and customized solutions to customers in a variety of industries under its DurableScience, ComfortScience and InsulationScience category brands. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

Dow will also display two technologies: DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ and DOW IntegraFlux™. The DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ line is composed of reverse osmosis elements which have been specifically designed to help water industrial users to maximize the recovery of this element and minimize its waste. DOW FILMTEC™ FORTILIFE™ membranes allow the number of cleanings needed to be reduced by as much as 50% and energy costs to be cut by up to 10%. DOW IntegraFlux™ ultrafiltration modules allow greater water recovery, less wastewater and reduced power consumption, achieving an unparalleled productivity with a minimum space usage. DOW IntegraFlux™ includes XP fiber, an innovative material with up to 35% higher permeability greater than the previous generation of fibers. Dow Water & Process Solutions, a key business within The Dow Chemical Company, has been offering innovative water processes and solutions to communities and industries for over 50 years. The company is a worldwide leader in sustainable water separation and purification technologies, helping to make water safer and more accessible, improve food taste, enhance drug effectiveness and make industries more efficient.

Tech Talks and Speeches

Dow will also take an active role in the innovative Tech Talks, part of the activities organized within the Smart Chemistry, Smart Future exhibition. Experts from three of the company’s businesses will explain the benefits of their products in key areas for sustainable development. The talks will be on the themes of “The circular economy in water reuse for industry”, “Progressing towards a circular economy in flexible packaging” and “Dow Chemical: a unique approach to the global challenge of green energy”. In addition, on 4 October the Dow Water & Process Solutions business will give a talk in the technical forum, organized by the Association for the Protection of Water Quality at the Fira Barcelona, entitled “The circular water economy in the chemicals industry. Advances in the integration of the chemicals industry in the water cycle”.

Anton Valero, in his position as General Manager of Dow Chemical Ibérica and President of the Spanish Chemical Industry Federation (FEIQUE) will also have his own institutional and business agenda within the context of this major international event.

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