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New EVOLV3D™ Printing Technology to Be Showcased at FormNext 2017 in Frankfurt

MIDLAND, Mich. - November 13, 2017 - The Dow Chemical Company, a subsidiary of DowDuPont (NYSE: DWDP), will unveil its EVOLV3D™ platform for 3D printing from November 14-17 at FormNext 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. The EVOLV3D family was developed to address customer challenges for prototyping and manufacturing using 3D printing, and represents Dow’s entry into the growing 3D printing industry.

“The EVOLV3D platform for 3D printing has been developed to respond to the need for versatile, cost-effective, and more sustainable materials that effectively address emerging requirements in this fast-growing industry,” said Keith Wilson, market segment manager for Dow. “As a leader in materials science, Dow is focused on leveraging our R&D capabilities to develop high-performance materials for 3D printing that will help enable greater design freedom, reduce product development cycles, and offer unique performance benefits.”

Among the first products to be introduced is EVOLV3D™ USM (Universal Support Material). EVOLV3D USM represents a leap forward in technology, providing the ability to use a single support for a broad range of popular build material filaments. This highly effective, water-soluble support material maintains its structural integrity during the printing process, enabling production of parts with large overhangs, intricate inner geometries and deep cavities. EVOLV3D USM is anticipated to launch commercially in early 2018.

“Existing printers use a wide range of technologies and materials,” Wilson said. “Designers are looking for support materials that are easy to use and maximize performance. By taking advantage of the unique properties of EVOLV3D™ USM, it’s easier than ever to create functional, beautiful and high-performing parts using a variety of build materials.”

Dow also recently introduced a 3D printable liquid silicone rubber. Developed in collaboration with German RepRap GmbH, a leading manufacturer for fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers, this breakthrough new materials technology is perhaps the first Dow solution to be formulated specifically for designers seeking to combine the performance benefits of silicone with the design and processing advantages of their additive manufacturing process.

“More than simply a technological achievement, this material introduces the power and versatility of silicone technology into the realm of 3D printing,” said Kris Verschueren, global innovation program manager, Dow Performance Silicones. “Our customers can now combine the uniquely beneficial properties of our silicones with faster prototype development and small series production of highly complex parts.”

FormNext 2017 attendees are invited to stop by the German RepRap booth (Hall 3.1, D30) to see live demonstrations of both EVOLV3D™ USM and the liquid silicone rubber using German RepRap’s platform.

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